N1 Media

mediaGlobal partnerships are engage the field of design and integration of automated broadcasting systems. It creates television and radio studios, information channels and news production systems. The broadcasting solutions are complexes that provide for the best reliability of all the system components and integration capacity.

N1 Media offers the following broadcasting solutions and services:

  • Design and turnkey supply of television and radio studios

    N1 Media offers new integrated broadcasting complex solutions with advanced flexible and high-tech system from leading producers of radio and television solutions for all media industry issues from production of television and radio channels and content to establishment of the customer’s own terrestrial, satellite, mobile of IP television.


  • Central operating room for SD – HD studios

    Central operating room ensures the creation and continuous broadcasting of television and radio. The content may be taken from proprietary programs and channels broadcasted from the head station with the option to insert regional advertising.


  • Design and construction of news production systems


N1 Media solutions for newsrooms provides for joint content management from the newsroom’s workstations, allowing the processing of all newly added content in seconds while making it available for all connected editing rooms as well managing the editing process.


  • Implementation of television and radio control recording system

    Automated solutions for digital and analog broadcasting companies, advertising agencies and content providers is designated to provide for 24-hour or selected recording from unlimited number of channels to disk arrays, cataloging and management of the stored audio-video content.


  • Implementation of Media Mining System

    Media Mining System processes audio data from various sources and transforms them into text. The system is able to fully automate the process of indexing live news feeds and multimedia archives in real time.


Commercial Advertising


In line with its television and radio broadcasting services, N1 Media integrates advertising and marketing communications services into its portfolio. Our networks and specialty services provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing, direct and promotional marketing, public relations and other specialty communications services.