N1 Energy

Energy Services


N1 Energy Services provides repair, maintenance, operation, and management of your single piece of equipment all the way through fleets and plants, facilities and structures. We provide inspection services or do as much as providing highly comprehensive and complex management. The extent of our scope can be catered to meet every one of your needs. Our management team works with our specialized service departments to bring you exceptional solutions on Generators, HVAC systems, Pumps, Light Towers, Buildings / Shelters, Grounds Maintenance and other equipment.


N1 Energy Services offers a wide range of scope, on call 24×7, to respond to any situation or need, as may be required.  Some of the ways we can help are:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inspections – checking the overall condition and operation
  • Repairs (providing all troubleshooting and parts)
  • Unlimited frequency of our services i.e. yearly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Emergency preparedness – asset preparing, strategic pre-placement, and deployment
  • Emergency and disaster response – check current assets, delivery emergency assets, installation of assets
  • And many more options are available.


N1 Energy Services provides modify, rebuild and retrofit solutions such as:


  • Refurbish enclosures, equipment, and controls
  • Modernize controls, switchgear, and systems
  • Integrate new or updated equipment into older systems
  • Roll out a fleet upgrade on hundreds or thousands of units
  • Third party system integration
  • OEM liaison and integration services
  • Concept to completion and continuing maintenance service
  • And many more options are available