N1 Health

As the pressure mounts on the healthcare industry to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care, healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting IT solutions as a means to achieve these objectives.

One of the major challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry is to reduce the time and effort involved in getting a drug to the market. Increasing use of IT solutions in the drug discovery processes and the clinical trial stages have meant significant reduction in the time to market blockbuster drugs. This has also been facilitated by the support provided by software solutions in the area of electronic data management, e-clinical trials and outsourcing of the IT requirements of R&D, thus easing the burden on pharmaceutical companies.

From bioinformatics to clinical trials, N1 Health delivers solutions that help utilize information effectively and transform key business practices. With an unparalleled dedication to quality, we help our clients prioritize, plan, and implement the right technology solutions to meet their needs – all the way from discovery to product launch.


N1 Health can develop healthcare solutions for clients. With doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clinical and health professionals working with technical associates, N1 Health is a pioneer in developing and implementing healthcare information systems. Spread across various locations of the world, N1 Health associates have considerable expertise in developing and maintaining software solutions for a number of healthcare clients including providers and Managed Care Organizations around the world.

N1 Health recognizes that good health and safety is also good business. Our services are designed to add value, often transforming a potential liability into a tangible asset. Our consultants are experienced in producing solutions that respond to our client’s individual requirements ranging from strategic policy implementation to resolving issues in the workplace.

N1 Health recognizes health and safety as an integral part of its business performance by reducing workplace injuries and ill health, protecting the environment and reducing unnecessary losses and liabilities, and considers the successful management of health and safety to be a key management objective.

N1 Health is committed to:


  • Compliance with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • The provision and maintenance of plant, work equipment and safe systems of work.
  • The safety and absence of risk to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.
  • The provision of suitable information, instruction, training and supervision.
  • A safe place of work, together with a suitable means of access and exit.
  • The provision of emergency arrangements and facilities.
  • Continual improvement in all areas of health and safety management.