Our team of project and economic analysts would review clients’ complex position and come up with viable projects that invariably increases value for them and ultimately enhances their social-economic position.

A sighted example is the development of an International Convention & Business Centre in a city that might currently be experiencing severe economic deprivation. Our strategy would be to apply such a project as a turn-around economic development plan for the city and in turn attract foreign exhibitors and tourists.

We understand that each client has individual needs and each project its own challenges, and we apply the appropriate project management skills, expertise, and experience to suit the client’s dynamics and project’s needs.

Our project research & management team covers the full range of property sectors including, retail, commercial, healthcare, education, leisure & sports facility, industrial and public sector.

N1 Consultancy aim’s to maximize the effectiveness of the project team – client, consultants, and contractors – develop teamwork and deliver best value to our clients in meeting their project objectives.


N1 Consultancy project research & management consultancy services can offer you:


  • Project Feasibility StudiesConsultancy
  • Site Inspections
  • Design
  • Product
  • Quantity Survey
  • Quality Control
  • Building Surveying
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Management
  • Development Management and Monitoring
  • Electronic Data Management
  • Facilities & Asset Management
  • Health & Safety Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Sports & Leisure Consultancy
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys



N1 Consultancy solutions offer:

  • 24/7 access of government services to citizens and businesses
  • Faster decision making due to improved workflow and document management internally
  • Sound fiscal management leading to intelligent use of scarce resources
  • Value for money by leveraging assets – frameworks and products
  • Synergistic relationships with N1 Consultancy
  • Innovative new business models in Public Private Partnership mode


At N1 Consultancy we would take a holistic view analyzing clients’ needs and applying viable strategies that would invariably turn those needs into winning initiatives. Our service ultimately covers introducing buyers & investors resources into the international market. N1 Consultancy have found that one of the greatest challenges faced by numerous government and corporate bodies around the globe is the inaccessibility to the international market terrain, where they are able to market and promote their local resources.

N1 Consultancy highlights the distinct focus on creating a platform for promoting national & international buyers & investors resources within the global trade terrain. N1 Consultancy is also strategically positioned to provide logistical and business support to government and companies wishing to identify joint venture partnership, funding and marketing of exportable goods and services.

N1 Consultancy efforts are not restricted to strategy and project development. We would also promote clients services, products and resources through our network of contacts, dealers distributors and international media; emphasizing on the potential available. One of our practical ways is the development of high quality TV documentaries, websites, corporate journals and publications.

This service also extends to coordination of workshops, seminars, conferences, contacts and exhibitions on behalf of our clients.