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EnergyN1 Energy Ventures creates a platform to successfully bridge and promote countries with oil and gas resources within the global trade terrain. The need for optimized generation, efficient distribution, and timely realization of dues, high customer service, risk management and increased energy options are some of the key drivers pushing energy companies to continuously upgrade their performance.


N1 Energy Ventures, with its in-depth understanding of the energy sector and long term understanding of consulting experience, is ideally suited to be a single-point solution provider in the areas of oil, gas, and electric power utilities. We provide clients with a complete range of services — from strategic consulting to implementation of solutions — all tailored to meet client-specific needs.


Deregulation, restructuring, energy trading, new technologies, convergence, and the imminent breakdown of vertically-integrated utilities have significantly impacted the daily operations of organizations operating in this industry.


N1 Energy Ventures project management strategy is based on a clear structuring of the project into phases and activities that are consistent with internationally acceptable standards. Our Project Management methodology covers project planning, project monitoring and status reporting. We have the ability to implement large, complex projects on time and within the budget.

N1 Energy Ventures believe that oil and gas are the drivers of modern economies and issues relating to them impinge importantly on national and international politics due mainly to the continued and increasing use of oil. Intervention on the supply side, being limited, is a rapid and significant intervention on the energy demand side which could bring substantial result.