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N1 Group (N1) is a UK-based pioneering company,established as a strategy based trade and consultancy platform to provide unique solutions to governments and large/medium size corporate bodies around the globe.

1382000827N1 is the most diverse consultancy and trade company around. We offer an unrivalled scope of services to clients across all market sectors. We bring a unique blend of professional and technical skills to schemes of all types and complexities. We are in business to develop successful people, deliver successful projects and sustain successful performance.

At N1, we would take a holistic view analyzing clients’ needs and applying viable strategies that would invariably turn those needs into winning initiatives. Our services ultimately cover the promotion of clients’ resources into the international market.

We pride ourselves with the ability to effectively analyze and identify solutions to complex challenges faced by our clients’ organizations.

N1 can successfully bridge as a mediator in the business environment and the international community, thus providing quality information that would support prospective investors and businesses in their decision making process.

N1 highlights the distinct focus on creating a platform for promoting national & international resources within the global trade terrain.