bankN1 Consultancy provides expert advice on standard aspects when it comes to businesses. We can help you through some major choices which are bound to crop-up when running a business, such as real estate investments and bank choices. We can also get our experienced professionals to give you an analysis of your business and any investments you plan to make.

Bank Introduction

We can introduce clients to a wide choice of banks with proven track records and also assure of excellent client and customer relationship.

Personalized Tax Planning Services

Our team of experienced auditors and experts on tax matters provides clients with the best possible advice and guidance on tax, VAT, and other thorny financial issues. It is also important to note that there are numerous tax incentives available for foreign investors.

Real Estate Advisory Services

N1 Consultancy is well placed to offer the best professional advice on real estate investment options nationally or internationally.

Credit Scoring

Through our network of leading credit-scoring firms, we are able to conduct, search and provide a detailed profile report on any organization you desire to know about.